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Before you go to sleep...

There was an old piano at my dad's house. He'd stand behind it once in a while, wouldn't even bother to sit down to play that one single melody (« Plaisir d’amour ») and always ended joking : «10 years of practice !» He laughed about it but something tells me he wished there was more he could show me because YES, I loved it !! Still do. My dad transmitted his passion for music, he was a photographer, an artist… the spirit of a « Peter Pan » in a grown-up body. He was kind, smart, funny and had many talents. He also knew how to be a giant pain in the ass, but he never really meant it. This song was born when he passed in 2018.

On this day he would have turned 75. It’s weird, coz it does feel like he heard it and is proud of me… I guess that’s just what I want, that’s what I genuinely feel. Therefore, it’s real. I decided to make this lyric video with the artwork from our album in the most simple and humble way…. I thank my bandmates for adding the beautiful arrangements and making it sound the way it’s supposed to.

There’s no budget behind this lyric video… only time, love and the desire to share this song with you. I hope it will make you feel something good, whoever you are, whatever your story might be.

Stay real,

Maggy Luyten


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