THE PRIZE is the new powerhouse rock band of Maggy Luyten (Vocals, Ayreon, Beautiful Sin, ex Nightmare), and Christophe Godin (Guitar, ex Gnô), Ivan Rougny (Bass) and Aurel Ouzoulias (Drums, Satan Jokers) from prog jazz metal trio Mörglbl.


Maggy and Christophe first met when working on the Epysode album “Obsessions”. Years later, she contacted Godin again to guest on her solo acoustic show “Maggy & Friends” which gave them the idea of starting a duo Akoustik Thrill, a tribute to Hard ‘n Heavy Rock.


The genuine musical and human chemistry of those past collaborations planted the seed that gave birth to THE PRIZE.


Bringing in Ivan and Aurel as the rhythm section was the perfect choice.


THE PRIZE is the sum of each member’s musical inspirations and influences, creating an eclectic and colorful soundscape, with one mission : bring it to a live audience !


© 2020 by The PRIZE